• Custom Bespoke Tailor


    Chheena Fashion – Custom Bespoke Tailor Custom Tailored Suits | Handmade to your Measurements Chheena Fashion is one of the new breeds of bespoke tailor/designers whose fashion savvy makes fashion waves far beyond the asian continent. 

  • Offering Custom Tailoring


    The Chheena Fashion is more than a specialty shop offering custom tailoring; more than a traditional tailor’s shop offering accessories. It’s custom; it’s couture and it’s the finest fashion accouterments – it is, in the truest sense of the word a bespoke tailor and haberdashery of world-wide renown.

  • Excellent Customer Service


    Excellent customer service from staff and good price. On time and professional fittings by staff. The suits are made of excellent material and the price included a fitted shirt with the suit.  you will definitely recommend them to other people looking for tailored suits.

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