5 Things You Need To Know About Made To Measure Clothing
5. What options do made to measure clothing offer me?

Most suppliers of made to measure clothing offer an extensive range of customization for its clothing. Let’s talk about a shirt for now.
When customizing a shirt you will have a choice of more than five collars, eight types of cuffs, different pocket styles and a few more styling selections.
When buying a suit made to measure suppliers usually offer three types of lapels in different widths, pocket and button selections and a choice of single or double breasted.
Pants can be made with or without pleats and a selection of pocket and button types to select from.
The made to measure specialist will take about 18 to 20 measurements which will be used to alter the patterns at the manufacturing facility.
When ordering made to measure clothing the customer must remember that these clothes are handmade and will usually take two to three weeks to be completed.

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