5 Things You Need To Know About Made To Measure Clothing
1. What is made to measure?

Made to measure typically refers to clothing that is sewn from a standard-sized base pattern.
A tailored suit is a common example of a made to measure garment. The fit of a made to measure garment is expected to be superior to that of a ready-to-wear garment because ready-to-wear garments are constructed to fit the manufacturer’s definition of an average customer, while made to measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually.
However, made to measure items are seen by many to involve less workmanship than bespoke or “custom made” garments, as made to measure garments always involve some form of standardization in the patterning and manufacturing processes, whereas a bespoke garment is made entirely from scratch based on a customer’s specifications.
Typically, a made to measure garment will be more expensive than ready-to-wear garment but cheaper than a bespoke one.

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