5 Things You Need To Know About Made To Measure Clothing
3. The rise of made to measure.

Over the past two decades or so there has been a steady rise in the number of manufacturers and retailers made to measure garments. In the twentieth century, the internet and online shopping have added to the popularity and growth of the industry.

Many websites offer customers the ability to customize their garments online using modern product configuration and 3D modeling technology. The addition of video tutorials to assist customers to take their own measurements is a new feature and many modern shoppers have embraced the convenience.
More traditional retailers still prefer to meet with their customers in person to ensure they get the correct measurements and have their customers view fabric samples. The internet has also made it easier for suppliers to be found and thus giving retailers more options regarding fabrics, craftsmanship, pricing, and locality.
Made to measure retailers usually place small individual orders and this makes it easy for small manufacturers to play in the garment making industry where they do not have to compete with large factories who mainly service large retail companies.

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