We are the leading alteration and tailoring shop in Pattaya city for suit and jacket alterations. Our master tailors have 20+ years of deep industry experience working with suits, enabling them to perform the highest quality alterations for both men and women.

We have experience successfully altering everything from simple, classic suits to the finest bespoke suits that are hand-made in Italian and English styles.

No job is too simple, complicated, small or large. If you purchased a suit off-the-rack and need a few simple adjustments to make the suit look its best (e.g., hemming pants, letting out the waist, or tapering the pants), we have the expertise and resources to perform those alterations with the highest level of precision in the industry.

If you’ve looked around for that perfect outfit but can’t find it anywhere, why not have us make it for you. If you have a picture or reference we can make it to your specifications and measurements.

Contact us today to learn more about the service we offer and discuss your requirements further.